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Since 2009, I’ve jokingly talked about a “secret society of real financial advisors.” These are people like me who put their clients’ interests first, are transparent about their fees, and practice what I call "reality-based financial planning."

It was a tongue-in-cheek name for a philosophy that can make a real difference in clients’ lives. But I’ve heard from hundreds of advisors over the years who approach their work the same way and want to know how they can join.

So it’s time to make our society not so secret.

This site harnesses the collective wisdom of the amazing professionals that I’ve worked with over the past 20 years. I share how the best financial advisors hone their craft, delivered through free, weekly updates and deep-dive trainings. Just enter your email below to stay in the loop.

It’s the first step in what I expect to be a long journey. I don’t know exactly where we’ll take it, but I’m excited to see what we create. And yes, we’ll probably offer t-shirts. 


— Carl Richards, CFP®


"I can use Carl’s advice in my business straight away. The best part about it is it’s very relevant for the way I do financial planning.”
— David K.

"Carl does a wonderful job of teaching complex ideas and distilling it down to simple deliverables. He shows us how to get to the root of why people are doing what they’re doing."
— Scott F.

"To help your clients live their best lives, first you have to listen, Carl's a master at that."
— Russ T.


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